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DespireCrow_Video: 画像




由子・魔女・女の子・マリ : ​つかさ

幸太郎・ヨンク・コウ : 川上喜朗

We release the video content with temporary dubbing on the Video conte of "Despair Crow" in advance. (Until a part of the story)

I think it's one of the pleasures to imagine what kind of story it is, but first of all, by telling what kind of story "Despair Crow" is, we will see an animated version of this story. One of the aims is to get you interested.


Yuko・Witch in the woods・Child・Mari : ​Tsukasa

Sachitaro・Yonk・Kou : Yoshiro Kawakami

DespireCrow_Video: テキスト
DespairCrow Video
DespireCrow_Video: Video Player