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21 May 2024

ART FAIR  アートフェア出展

"Seoul PLAS -Contemporary Art Show 2024"

23-26 May 2024
Seoul - COEX Convention Center, Seoul,Korea
G-4 : Contemporary Tokyo

※I'll exhibit the 2 new paintings.
※If you wanna know about exhibition works and so on, Please contact to the gallery directly.
※I don’t sell NFT.

19 May 2024

ART FAIR  アートフェア出展

"JINGART 2024"

23-26 May 2024
No 86 Jian Guo Road Chaoyang Qu Beijing
A-17 : Contemporary Tokyo

※I'll exhibit the painting "阿 / A"(2023).
※If you wanna know about exhibition works and so on, Please contact to the gallery directly.
※I don’t sell NFT.

3 May 2024


Thank you very much for watching over our animation production.



The current production of the "Despair Crow" animation has taken longer to complete than originally planned, and longer than the postponed time frame. I feel that my poor estimation of the production schedule and overconfidence in my own abilities have resulted in a major scheduling error. I am truly sorry that I could not fulfill my promise to you, despite your faith in me.


We believe that the postponement is a positive change in our production policy. The production of the animation itself is progressing steadily, little by little. My drawing style is habitual in nature, and it is more difficult to outsource and takes more time than I had originally envisioned. However, I feel that by taking the time to depict them myself, I am able to aim for images that are unique and different from other animations, and with the current small-group production method, I would like to create them even if it takes a long time.



As you know, I have been presenting my own works in the field of art in parallel with my animation production. For me, painting and animation are the two wheels of my creative activities, and I continue to present my work alongside my animation production. Of course, I do not want this to interfere with my animation work. Since the announcement of the 2022 postponement, I have quit my job, limited the number of galleries where I present my work, streamlined my production, and worked toward a less time-consuming production system. Thanks to these efforts, we have been able to spend more time on animation production, and we have been able to outsource non-animation tasks to other creator. While maintaining the two wheels of production and release, we are striving to transform the areas of animation production that can be made more efficient, while taking the time to focus on the areas that need attention, in order to create an animation that we are satisfied with. It is expected to take another five years to complete.



Once again, I would like to apologize again for not being able to fulfill our initial promise.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude once again for your support in watching over the production of this work. 

2024.5 Yoshiro Kawakami

※Translated by Deepl and my checking



現在制作しているアニメ「ゼツボウカラス」について、当初予定していた完成時期よりも、そして延期した時期よりも長い制作時間を要することとなってしまいました。これは私自身の制作スケジュールの見積もりの甘さ、自身の能力 への過信が、スケジュールの大きな誤りをもたらしてしまったと感じています。信じていただいた にも関わらず、皆様とのお約束を果たすことができず、本当に申し訳ございません。

その上で、今回の延期は制作方針の前向きな転換だと考えております。 アニメ制作そのものは少しずつ堅調に進めております。 私の絵柄は元々癖が強く、当初想定したよりも外注がしづらく時間がかかってしまいます。しかし私自身が時間をかけて描写することで、むしろ他のアニメーションとは異なる独自性を持った映像を目指せていると感じており、現在の少人数での制作方法で、時間をかけてでも作り上げた いと考えています。

ご存知のように、私自身がアニメ制作と並行して美術分野での作品発表を続けております。私に とって絵画とアニメは創作活動の両輪であり、アニメ制作の傍で作品発表を続けております。 もちろん、それがアニメ制作の妨げになってはいけません。 2022年の延期発表以降、仕事を辞め、発表する画廊を限定し、制作を効率化し、時間のかからな い制作体制を目指してまいりました。おかげでアニメ制作にかけれる時間が増え、作画以外の雑 務は外部の方にも依頼しながら進めております。 作品発表との両輪を維持しつつ、アニメ制作の効率化できる部分は転換し、こだわるべき箇所は 時間をかけて、本作を納得のいくアニメーションに作り上げていきたいと考えております。完成まで、あと5年はかかると思われます。




2024.5 川上喜朗

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