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13 February 2024

Gallery Exclusive  画廊所属のお知らせ

Thank you very much for watching my activities.


Kawakami will become an exclusive artist for "Contemporary Tokyo" from February 2024.

From now on, I'll mainly exhibit at Contemporary Tokyo for his solo exhibitions and art fairs.


I have had the opportunity to exhibit at various galleries until last year, and I appreciate to them for their great support.

I have been able to grow as a creator while gaining valuable experience.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone involved.


In order not to confuse the viewers of my activities,

From this year, I'll not continue to present my work at multiple galleries. I decided that I should concentrate my activities at one gallery.

I have had the opportunity to exhibit with Contemporary Tokyo since 2021,

Through two solo exhibitions and several art fairs, we have built a deep relationship of trust with Contemporary Tokyo.

In order to improve the perfection of my work and to continue with activities that I am satisfied with, I'll continue to exhibit at Contemporary Tokyo,

Therefore, I would like to ask those who wish to purchase Kawakami's works to contact Contemporary Tokyo.


On the other hand, I'll continue to participate in exhibitions and group shows outside the gallery.

I'll only limit our participation when I hold the solo exhibitions and art fairs,

As for my personal activities such as video production, I'll continue to make preparations as before.

Therefore, please contact Kawakami directly for inquiries about exhibitions, group exhibitions, animations, etc.


For the time being, I'll not have many opportunities to present our works, but I would like to show you my new works when they are ready.

Thank you for your continued support.


February 13, 2024 

Yoshiro Kawakami



川上は2024年2月から「Contemporary Tokyo」の専属作家となります。

今後の個展・アートフェアでの出展は、Contemporary Tokyoをメインに出展してまいります。









Contemporary Tokyoとは2021年から展示の機会を頂くようになり、



今後はContemporary Tokyoでの出展をメインに活動して参ります。

つきましては、今後は川上作品の購入をご希望の方はContemporary Tokyoへお問い合わせいただくようお願いいたします。









2024.2.13 川上喜朗

25 January 2024

Publish Information 掲載情報

My work were appeared in a magazine "Art Collectors - February 2024" - Japanese art magazine.

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