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​あらすじ / STORY Outline


There was a couple living by the beach where it was surrounded by the mountains and the lake. They were a picture book author Yuko who works production of her work and her partner, Kotaro who supports her work.
Yuko’s picture book is very mystical and magical. Her stories are about a prince, a story about the way from the school, and also a story about Adam and Eve. However, she doesn’t have much time left.

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​登場人物 / Characters

・小村由子 (29)





Yuko Komura (29)

Picture book author. She has been writing a picture book in the woods with her partner Kotaro and her time is limited.

Kotaro Komura (28)
Yuko’s husband. He devotes supporting Yuko. He has been submitting her picture books into the publishers but none of them accepted yet.  He has a bitter experience with Yuko a few years ago.

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